BEAST Speedboat Ride

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Due to the Fast, bumpy and extreme nature of the beast ride,
you must observe the following:

  • Absolutely no pregnant women on board THE BEAST.

  • Absolutely no people with heart conditions, back injuries, or those susceptible to back injury!

  • Children must be 40" (102 cm) to ride THE BEAST.

  • Children must be able to sit in their own seat without assistance.

  • All passengers must stay seated while the boat is in motion.

  • Hold on to hats and sunglasses, they may fly away when THE BEAST gets up to full speed.

  • Keep your hands and head in the boat while docking.

  • Be aware - you may get wet. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items including: cameras, video cameras, cell phones, watches, glasses, or any other electronic devices.